Model: NA-GM2120PS
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The newest product in 2020 is an improvement from the NA-24N stove

Multi heavy gas grill, grill is 2 stages:

  1. Stage 1: only grilled 80%
  2. Giai đoạn 2: trước khi ăn 15 phút, sẽ nướng hoàn chỉnh 20% còn lại giúp món ăn luôn nóng và ngon.

Increased kitchen capacity up to 42% helps shorten baking time.

Grill area is 2 times bigger than that of the previous grill, grill is more, suitable when used with evil restaurants, barbecue tables crowded.

Powder coating body for high adhesive resistance, ensuring durability when used for long periods of time.

The kitchen is designed to be able to use an additional stand to switch to cooking with the pot just like a regular kitchen.

  1. In terms of aesthetics: Minimalist design application - minimalism for simple manipulation.
  2. In terms of efficiency: Especially used with thick and thick lumps. Because the blister helps reduce fat of the meat but does not dry out the meat, it keeps the juicyness.
  3. About durability: For Teflone grills on the market today, 80% will warp after a period of use (due to the material's expansion properties). But the GM2120PS blister keeps its shape because the computed corners help increase stiffness while preserving the original physical shape.
The capacity 3.0 kW (2,700 kcal/h)
Size 132 x 500 x 288 mm (CxDxR)
Weight 3.1kg
Gas consumption Butane (L.P.G)

Hotline: 0908.357.412