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Address: Lot II-2B, Street No. 1, Tan Binh Industrial Park, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

NaMilux brand was established on December 9, 1999 at Tan Binh Industrial Park - Ho Chi Minh City with the mission to bring to Vietnam market safe and high quality gas products and equipment with national standards. and eliminating unnamed floating products, poor quality, endangering consumers.

In 2002, NaMilux first cooperated with Asahi Seisakusho - Japan, a leading unit specializing in researching and manufacturing gas appliances including: mini gas stove, heating stove, grill, lamp No, ... according to JIA S 2147/1998 of Japan.

Over nearly 20 years of operation and along with Asahi Seisakusho company, NaMilux has confidently affirmed its position and brand not only in the domestic market but also in the difficult and harsh international market.

NaMilux is now recognized as one of the largest gas stove production units in the world with a total output of 4 million products / year - accounting for 70% of the domestic market share with nearly 3,000 agents & stores throughout the provinces. ; and exported to more than 20 countries around the world (in which Japan is the largest market, accounting for 40% of total export volume).

NaMilux currently has 04 factories, with a total area of up to 30,000 m2 and more than 700 engineers, experienced workers and regularly trained and updated knowledge by leading experts from Japan. .

Over nearly 20 years of cooperation in the field of production with Japanese experts, NaMilux is always proud to affirm that the highlight makes the difference between NaMilux products and other brands is quality. This is also the pioneering criterion in the spirit of Japanese production: always put quality first.

Produced based on a closed process: starting from stamping, molding, plastic injection, powder coating to assembly and packaging stages - all stages are strictly controlled by the Quality Control team. Professional and professional training. In addition, NaMilux always ensures to use only genuine materials from reputable & quality suppliers in the world. Only then can we ensure that products to consumers are the best, quality & safest products.

Not only that, the system of machinery produced in NaMilux is also prioritized for new and modern investment. 100% of the machines are originated and produced by famous brands from Japan, Taiwan, Korea such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Hishinuma, Mitsubishi, JSW, Yota, Marushow, Seyi, Chin Fong, v. .v ..

In 2017 - 2018, NaMilux decided to invest in Automatic Robot Transfer system from Korea. As an exclusive production system, this is also a big step of NaMilux to continuously improve and improve product quality.

Process of manufacturing 2S mini gas stoves - Double Safety

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Stamping system of Automatic Transfer Robot in Korea at NaMilux

Vietnam - ASEAN Gold Medal 2000

Gold Cup of the title "Prestigious Vietnamese Products & Quality 2001"

Gold Cup & Gold Medal EXPO 2001 - 2002 - 2007

Certification of enterprises "Potential International Cooperation AFTA Integration 2003"

Gold Cup "Vietnam Industrial Brand 2004"

Certification of "High Technology Products 2006"

Certificate of achievement "HVNCLC 2004 ~ 2018"

Certificate of "Outstanding Products - Services of Ho Chi Minh City 2017"

Research and successfully develop Generation I gas safety valve "Inline Cut" - 2004

Research and successfully develop gas safety explosion proof valve II generation "Double Safety" - 2017

Obtained the certificate of "Mini Gas Stove Industry Mini NA-194" - 2018

Principle of operation of "Inline Cut" gas safety shut-off valve

Principle of operation of the second generation explosion-proof safety valve "Double Safety"