Model: NA-SM3163APF
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  • SM3163APS single kitchen is designed according to Danshari philosophy with “Dan” for denial, “Sha” for throw away and “Ri” for avoiding. According to Japanese, Danshari emphasizes refusing to be messy and moving towards minimalism.
  • The entire top and front faces are seamless with cold rolled corrugated iron material, painted rough and stamped with eyelid ribs with absolute precision to increase rigidity & reduce sharpness and limit cuts. The overall beauty of the kitchen is increased by reducing texture details.
  • "Maximum" capacity of the stove reaches 4.2kW. High heat helps to cook faster while saving more gas.
  • Magneto ignition ensures stability and less failure than Pin ignition (IC).
Weight 2.0 kg
Size 140 x 300 x 385 mm
Gas consumption 305g / giờ
Hotline: 0908.357.412