Model: NA-PL1951PS
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Kitchen equipped with 2Ways - 2 dimensional technology of the new generation.

Was researched and released in 2020 with. It is allowed to use both types of gas: mini can gas and large gas cylinder (4 ~ 12kg).

Benefits of 2-way technology:

  • Suitable for areas where mini gas cans are not widely available.
  • Suitable for the needs of using a fixed kitchen, not moving. Because the PL1951PS stove is more compact than a single / double stove, it does not take up much space.
  • The price of L.P.G is lower than Butane → cost-effective → suitable for kitchen, hostel.
The capacity 2.6 kW (2,275 kcal/giờ) (sử dụng lon gas)

2.4 kW (2,100 kcal/giờ) (sử dụng bình gas)
Size 101 x 331 x 292 mm
Weight 1.35 kg
Color Gray
Hotline: 0908.357.412