Model: NA-PL1926PS
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  • Apply the principle of internal combustion, increase the heat retention time at the bottom of the pot → SAVE GAS - SHORT COOKING TIME
  • The combustion efficiency of Cyclone stove is 12% higher than other mini cookers, saving gas ~ 2,000 VND / hour of use.
  • Use gas safety valve assembly - INLINE CUT fabricated according to Japanese technology
  • The kitchen body is designed low to easily observe the food, new design, beautiful & luxurious, especially suitable for high-end restaurants & families.
The capacity 2.2 kW (1,900 Kcal/giờ)
Size 102 x 335 x 282 mm (CxDxR)
Weight 1.63 kg
Color Cream
Hotline: 0908.357.412